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The CESPE Mission

"To be the Center of Excellence in Europe for end-to-end integrated pharmaceutical manufacturability of tomorrow’s medicines - enabling sustainable innovation in drug substance and drug product production."

The Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Pharmaceutical Engineering & Manufacturing (CESPE) is a multidisciplinary innovation accelerator focusing on the sustainable development, design and optimisation of drug substance and drug product production platforms.

Its core labs and offices are located at Ghent University, the Howest and HOGENT University Colleges of the Ghent University Association.

  • Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Faculty of Bioscience Engineering
  • Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
  • Faculty of Sciences
  • Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Through integration of expertise from a variety of research groups, CESPE aims at providing emerging production technologies to manufacture the medicines of the future in a sustainable and agile way.

Core focus areas within CESPE are value chain driven:

  • Chemical and biological process and production technology (drug substance)
  • Pharmaceutical process and production technology (drug product)

Crosscutting focus areas, enabling the integration of core areas:

  • Data sciences, modelling and control
  • Analytical technology and characterization
  • Sustainable systems engineering and design
  • Machineries, automation and factory logistics
CESPE Focus Areas



Post date: 2020-04-25

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