Become a CESPE industry member!

CESPE industry members benefit from the services below free of charge:

  • Matching and designing solutions for opportunity spaces: active scouting and elaboration of project proposals and business plans for:
    • Precompetitive research & innovation projects (private and public funding)
    • Valorisation projects
  • Access to demonstration and testing facilities from CESPE at Ghent University
  • Life Long Learning through CESPE hands-on workshops, plenaries, webinars and conferences
  • Provide input in shaping the pharmaceutical engineering graduates of the future and talent sourcing
  • Joint definition of MSc. Thesis, PhD and internships tracks
  • Networking opportunities between academia, research institutes, big pharma, C(D)MOs, OEMs, BioTech, enabling technology providers and other healthcare actors
  • Representation in the European and International R&I landscape through CESPE participation

It is expected from the members to:

  • Participate in events
  • Share the vision and mission of CESPE
  • Pay the annual membership fee (*)
  • Advise on industry demands, research focus and activities in the CESPE Industrial Advisory Board

Do you want to know more about membership and about the added value for your organisation? Contact us.
(*) depending on the size and type of organisation.