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The Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Pharmaceutical Engineering (CESPE) is a multidisciplinary research accelerator centre focusing on the development, design and optimisation of drug substance and drug product production platforms. Its core labs and office are located at Ghent University’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering and the Tech Lane Ghent Science Park. Through integration of expertise from a variety of research groups, CESPE aims at providing emerging production technologies to manufacture the medicines of the future in a sustainable and agile way.


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Interested in the capabilities of continuous freeze-drying? What is the impact on stability, supply chain, manufacturing operations, quality control, etc.?

Subscribe to the hands-on workshop on batch versus continuous freeze-drying of pharmaceuticals!

  • Demonstration of continuous freeze-drying prototypeF

  • Formulation…

Prof. Thomas De Beer presenting CESPE at inauguration event.
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Happy to see innovation domain 'Sustainable Pharmaceutical Engineering & Manufacturing' as an important axis in the renewal of the innovation charter between Janssen Pharmaceutica, Ghent University and the University Hospital Ghent! UGent Excellence Centre CESPE working together with prominent pharmaceutical industry leaders such as the Janssen Group on building an ecosystem of excellence…

This PhD project aims at developing mechanistic process models for an innovative pharmaceutical production process (continuous pharmaceutical production process of tablets). The research will be conducted in close cooperation with 4 companies (Janssen Pharmaceutica, GSK, UCB and Pfizer).

Research results will be published in important scientific…